a NJ Nonprofit Organization
Serving the Community for over 20 years

Timeline & Accomplishments

  • 1996 - INC was incorporated & opened its doors in March

  • 1997 - INC and formerly Good Neighbors of New Brunswick merged into one entity

  • 2003 - INC was selected as 1 of 10 national Faith in Action programs to be a pilot site for Boston University's Strong For Life Program

  • 2004 - INC's Volunteer Drivers were named Hometown Heroes in the adult group category

  • 2004 - Rutgers University awarded Sue Dowling, Executive Director of INC, a Partner in Education Award

  • 2004 - INC's Respite Program was named a Caregivers' Best Practice Program by NJ Dept of Health & Senior Services

  • 2005 - INC's Respite Volunteer Caregivers were named Hometown Heroes in the adult group category

  • 2008 - The Beverly Foundation named INC a nominee for a STAR Award due to the outcomes of our Transportation program

  • 2011 - INC celebrated 15 years in service to the community!

  • 2016 - Celebrating INC’s 20 Year Anniversary

62 South Main Street
Milltown, NJ 08850
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